Your promos and Free Wi-Fi app, with the blow of QR.


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Tired of having to download an app for each brand, from which you want to enjoy their promotions?

With our app you will receive exclusive and personalized promotions of the venue, just when you are in it.

A single app to have the promotions of many brands, in one place.

Our app will allow you to connect to a premium Internet connection at any Wificlub point, whether public or private, quickly, comfortably and safely.

And you will forget to ask for Wi-Fi or constantly register wherever you go. Register once in the app and you will never have to do it again.

Also to register and give your data constantly when you want to connect away from home?

You do not believe it? Find out.

VPN security

The connection and your browsing will be private, secure and encrypted.

Bye-bye Hackers!

Premium connection

We guarantee a quality connection, fast and free.

Danger of speeding tickets ;)

Exclusive and personalized promotions

Just when you need them and without burdening yourself.

You will come for Wi-Fi and you will stay for the promos.

Scan the QR and out

Easy and comfortable, this is our app. Login or search for promos with a simple gesture. Pim-pam!

Being from Wificlub, you will access a lot of exclusive offers from the establishment where you are by scanning our QR. You will also receive promotions only from other brands that you like.

Do you know the best of all? That we hate being tired, so we are not going to spam you. We swear!

Exclusive and personalized promos.

You can also connect to the Internet anywhere that Wificlub is, with premium quality and speed.

Premium and free are the two words in the world that only Wificlub is able to unite.

Wi-Fi Premiun

for free.


A single QR scan to stay connected every time.


We make sure that the Internet connection is of quality.


All your browsing will be encrypted by a VPN.

You are one step away from enjoying all this.

Download the Wificlub app

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